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Bajaj Tuff Surface

BAJAJ TUFF SURFACE Texture is a white cement-based wall texture composition that transforms your walls and ceilings. Manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, it can give you beautiful textured patterns. It comes with superior adhesion and tensile strength. It is also more economical as compared to other acrylic-based products in the market as there is no need to apply primer. The durability it brings, along with ease of application and the variety of design options, makes it ideal for homes, offices, bungalows, outhouses, farmhouses, stadiums, shopping malls, technology parks, educational institutes, airports, railway stations, theatres, exhibition halls, and so on. BAJAJ Tuff Surface™ is easily applied with airless and conventional texture spray equipment, delivering an appealing knockdown, splatter or orange peel texture.

• Excellent “hang” properties keep Tuff Surface™ clinging tightly to the surface
• Premixed 100% acrylic, non-aggregate formula can be applied to create a level 5 basecoat
• Hides a variety of imperfections
• Meets the most stringent VOC regulations
• Class A fire rated and tintable
• Ideal for a variety of settings – hospitality, commercial, offices, restaurants, new residential and more

Our packaging is available in following variants

30 Kg

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