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Cement Colour Oxide

Synthetic floor red oxide
Synthetic red oxide is the most common oxide colour and have the highest amount of iron. Due to their pure hue, consistent properties, and tinting strength, they have become increasingly important in various fields of applications. They are available commercially as a soft and very fine dry powder made by grinding ore material or heat processing ferrous/ferric sulphate or ferric hydroxide.
Synthetic floor Red Oxides from BAJAJ PAINTS are high-quality inorganic colour pigments with excellent colour stability, light fastness, weather stability and chemical resistance.

Salient Features
• BAJAJ floor oxide red is ideally suited for flooring and they have the best mobility with cement.
• Resistance to alkali and light fastness are excellent
• BAJAJ floor oxide red furnishes the floor with a bright, shiny and smooth surface.
• BAJAJ floor oxide red is non-toxic and non-inflammable
• BAJAJ floor oxide red exhibits permanent colour stability and resists fading.

BAJAJ floor oxide red is highly apt for colouring of cement and mosaic floors, tiles, dadoes and plastic works colour wash.
Application Procedure
Complete and careful mixing of the BAJAJ floor oxide red flooring colours and cement is imperative for best results. BAJAJ floor oxide red should be mixed with grey or white cement in the proportion 1:4 or 1:5 (colour of cement), depending upon the desired depth of the colour- [Grey cement is recommended for deep shades and white cement for pastel shades].
Moreover, to eliminate the occurrence of patches and also to produce a smooth and uniform finish, the colorant and cement must be mixed in a dry state before adding water. The mixture has to be applied by trowelling. A 24-hour gap has to be maintained before curing is undertaken for setting.

• For better results, it is necessary to prepare a homogenous mixture of Tata Pink and Cement in a dry state before adding water.
• The chore of mixing and application must be done by an experienced mason.
• The dry mixture should be prepared just before applying it.
• The wet floor surface must be protected from dust, direct sun light and damage of any other nature.
• Use of chalk powder with the dry mixture of colours and cement must be avoided as it dilutes the intensity of the colour
• Any contact between BAJAJ floor oxide red and acids or acidic materials must be prevented.
• BAJAJ floor oxide red may be used for interior and protected exterior surface only.
• BAJAJ floor oxide red is not recommended for exterior use because of its poor light stability.
Buffing and polishing should be undertaken after the floor has been allowed to dry for a week. More time will ensure a better hardening

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