Primarily there are 3 types of paints in the market which are Oil paints, Acrylic Paints & one of the most popular among all the Latex paints

Firstly lets understand what is the term Latex? Latex actually is a milky white liquid extracted from a rubber tree. So the world latex refers to the usage of rubber in the paint  in various forms like resin or solid etc.

Now that we know what is Latex, let’s understand what exactly is a latex paint? Latex is a water based paint primarily used for large surfaces. Being water based it has its own benefits like it dries off quickly, easy to wash and can be easily removed from the painting instruments. Over the period of the there were many combinations invented in latex paints mostly in glossy finish. The expert R&D team of Bajaj Paints has researched a lot and created a wide variety of best Latex Paints in India like

  • Latex Egg Shell Finish
  • Latex Exterior Primer
  • Latex Exterior & Interior (Dual) Primer
  • Latex High Gloss Finish 
  • Latex Semi Gloss Finish 
  • Latex Matt Finish 
  • Latex Velvet Finish 

Though it offers a plethora of benefits over traditional paints & oil paints mentioned below are some key benefits of the Latex paints from Bajaj Paints

  • Scaling resistant
  • Mold resistant
  • No Harsh fumes
  • Water based thus natural
  • Non toxic
  • Very quick dry time
  • Various finish options
  • Chalking Resistant

A new and a very useful entrant in this domain is the Latex Acrylic Paints and as the name suggests this is the perfect blend of both Acrylic paints and Latex paints derived to impart benefits of the paints and offer as one holistic solution. Unlike other late paints the Acrylic Latex paint is free from any kinds of chemical solvents thus Eco Friendly.

An acrylic resin is added to this latex paint to give it the best possible adhesion and durability qualities. This allows your paint to contract and expand along with temperature fluctuations, and weather to maintain a glossy finish. Other paints do not offer this quality, and this is why they tend to peel and crack on outdoor surfaces. This added resin creates a unique adhesive property in the paint, making it suitable for tough surfaces like metal and wood.

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