Before proceeding with “which color should be right for my interiors” one must build their  choices around the colors they love. And when you do that you are not restricted to a specific  pattern or limitations of color pallets of interiors, in fact the color of your choice becomes the  base color which makes it easy to form your own and unique color pallet for your interior walls  and ceiling. 
Let’s explore step by step how to choose best interior paint 
Ideate your color: 
There are tons of websites available online from where your can ideate the best color y u want. 
Instagram Reels / Feed, and Pinterest are our perfect platforms which will help in finding your 
favorite colors. There are blog sites and E-magazines which you can refer too. 
Pastel Colors  
A lot of people avoid pastel colors considering they may look dull on walls, however they look  the best when are coupled with proper color pallets for side walls and ceilings. You can explore  pastel color pallets online or seek help of our experts for the same.  
Adopt what you see on vacations
Almost all of us are inspired by European architecture, the color schemes of our favorite  destinations. You can always make your color pallet based on the architectural color schemes of  your holiday places like how they have used the colors. 
Explore the Art you like
We all have an artist inside which makes us buy those wall hangngs, vases, décor items or  paintings. SO explore which color of items you usually pick up. It will make things easier in paint  selection. 
Play with the shades 
Most of the times it is possible  that you don’t like a specific color but don’t make your decision until you have seen all shades of that color specifically lighter most and darker most shades. 
Sample it live 
This is the final and most important aspect. It is always better to try the color which have selected on the relatively smaller area of the wall / ceiling before doing the complete paint or paint purchase. 
Seek an expert’s advice
When we have plethora of options then there are very high chances of one getting confused. If  this happens with you then feel free to get in touch with our experts.